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No, we are not planning to charge you for this feature.
Yes, simply put, if a seat is occupied in any way, you do need to purchase a ticket.
Our sales policy isn’t changing. For an upcoming weekend, most show times are able to be purchased by the preceding Wednesday. With some “blockbuster” titles, tickets may go on sale in advance. We will announce these films on our Facebook page.
For both in person and on-line purchases, you will be shown a seating layout for the theatre and will be asked to choose from the open seats.
If a non-special needs guest is occupying these seats we will relocate them to other seats. Policy states that these seats must be available to special needs guests and their companions until 15 minutes past the posted showtime.
We feel that this was the “perfect” compromise for the people who did not want reserved seating, but would prefer to choose their own seats once inside.
Holiday periods are just that. As an example Thanksgiving time, Christmas time, and Memorial Day break. Rule of thumb, if it’s a holiday (the kids are out of school for this holiday) and there is a blockbuster coming out, it’s reserved seating time.
This policy hasn’t changed. We do not offer cash refunds; however, we will offer you a raincheck for a return visit. This is for the first 15 minutes after the posted showtime. In emergency cases, the manager on duty will decide based on the individual situation.
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